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If digital marketing is not among your talents, you are at the right place! Our team will help you build the online presence of your business – from planning through marketing strategy and validation of your brand, to successful sales in the vast digital world.

Here is what we can really help you with:

A complete guide for digital and non-digital advertising

Effective advertising means that your ads reach the right audience. This can be done through digital marketing (Google, Facebook, Instagram, online banners), offline marketing (billboards, TV ads, Radio Ads, etc.), or both. DGTalents can help you at each step of this process – from what type of advertising your business needs, to the creation of all assets that will position your products/ services at the right place, at the right time.

Цялостна стратегия за дигитална и офлайн реклама
разработка на уебсайт и онлайн магазин


From concept to complete implementation, DGTalents can help you in each step of creating a modern website/ online store for your business. Let us extract what is the best of your brand and make your visitors and potential clients loyal to your cause. 


Social media presence is the most effective marketing technique to reach potential clients in the contemporary digital world. The proper strategy for paid social ads and organic content in social media can bring you buyers easily and precisely.

DGTalents can help you reach all types of buyer personas through the most popular social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, TikTok and Twitter. Together we will create the most effective action plan for your business and will manage your social media accounts with the most interesting, relevant and interactive content for your followers. 

Управление на социални мрежи
Съдържание и копирайтинг


Content is king. And that is proved. No matter if you are selling products, services or ideas, you have only a few chances to grab your potential clients’ attention. Do it with an attractive piece of information that gives an additional value and interesting facts that search engines will like and your followers will love.

Here’s how: you give us your idea, we give you the unique copy for your social media, website, landing pages, blog, products, brochures and everything else you want to use as a channel for communication with your followers. 


You want to appear in 1st position when being searched in Google? Do you know how to achieve that? Algorithms of search engines are being changed daily, which means that Search engine optimization is a never ending process.

We can help you optimize your business with keywords, website and content structure, link building, backlinks and other in order for your business to appear as high in Search engine ranking as possible when searching specific words and phrases in your region. 

SEO оптимизация
Маркетинг за търсачки


The good news is that your clients already search for services/ products as yours on Google. The bad news is that competitor’s websites appear above yours, thus snatching your potential clients from right under your nose. Do not worry, we are on your side! 

DGTalents will help you build a Search engine marketing strategy, where PPC advertising will bring you measurable results, recognition among potential clients through a big set of marketing techniques – Google Ads, Retargeting, remarketing, SEO, banners, and many others.


One of the initial forms of online communication is still alive. E-mail marketing remains one of the most effective channels to communicate with your audience. With the proper set of tools, texts and segmentation, it will help you generate more leads.

DGTalents can help you find the proper e-mail marketing provider, automate the process of e-mail marketing, create the most detailed segmentation of your clients in order for you to send each one the most personalized messages.

Имейл маркетинг
Графичен и уеб дизайн


Let’s bet that a good-looking design = more engagement, sales and more powerful brand identity!

Graphic and web design is also among our DGTalents and you can ask us to create you a logo, banners, catalogues, infographic and offline print materials. We have all the proper tools and knowledge to create something really cool for your brand!


In the recent years building an employer brand becomes more and more important because of the increasing competition at the labor market and the more frequent change of jobs. Keeping key employees and attracting new talents is at the foundation of success for each company.

DGTalents can help you build a complete strategy to motivate your teams and position your business as an employer of choice.

Изграждане на работодателски бранд
Медия и PR

Media & PR

Don’t limit your presence to your own digital channels. Take advantage of the power of traditional and digital media and do not underestimate its value to your business.

We will help you spread every single news item and important information about your business and brand through our rich media network in various fields, both locally and internationally. 

Advertising materials

Okay, not everything we do is DGTal. You probably still rely on print advertising (brochures, flyers, catalogs, etc.) and it still works for your business. 

We can help you with the entire process of design and printing of any type of advertising materials from our trusted partners.

Рекламни материали
Корпоративни събития

Event Management

From planning, through the organization to the actual event, we will be by your side. We have extensive experience in the implementation of online and offline events and we know that the devil is in the details, whether they are small or large.

We can offer you strategy and organization of conferences, team buildings, parties, seminars, and various types of virtual events. 



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