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Frequently Asked Questions

DGTalents delivers an extensive spectrum of marketing services and solutions, encompassing the formulation of comprehensive marketing strategies and consultative offerings. Our repertoire extends to tailored approaches for establishing a strong presence across both digital and offline channels, culminating in the comprehensive management of your brand's entire marketing landscape.

Frequently, enterprises require diverse categories of marketing specialists and advisors, spanning SEO, social media, performance marketing, copywriting, graphic design, and more. However, does your financial allocation align with this imperative?

Through engagement with DGTalents, you gain access to an array of essential resources for your business's marketing pursuits, all while minimizing your investment outlay.

Our process invariably commences with a complimentary consultation, followed by the formulation of a customized proposition meticulously tailored to align with your business requisites. Subsequently, we compile a comprehensive proposal and proceed to formalize the arrangement through contractual agreement.

Kindly get in touch with us, and we will furnish you with a curated portfolio encompassing clients and projects that closely align with your specific inquiry and requirements.

Recognizing the distinct demands of your business, we acknowledge the necessity for a bespoke approach and specialized marketing resources. Consequently, we are poised to deliver a personalized proposition meticulously crafted to cater to your precise requirements.

Each business endeavors to augment brand awareness, cultivate a dedicated customer base, nurture a positive reputation, and secure a competitive market share. Within the realm of DGTal, these objectives are not only entirely attainable, but also quantifiably measurable, underscoring the potential for tangible results.

We are poised to aid you in delineating your objectives, facilitating their attainment through judicious budget allocation, and maximizing your return on investment.

The first and most important step in your brand's marketing activities is related to planning, building a strategy and a marketing plan. Should your business lack them currently, our team stands ready to assist in their creation.

In this crucial step, you initiate the authentic digital positioning of your brand. Beyond designing and building your website and e-shop, we curate content and drive online promotion.

We will meticulously manage your brand's representation across diverse channels while cultivating your social network profiles across platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Xing, and more.

Within our team, we have accomplished professionals boasting diverse backgrounds and extensive years of expertise in crafting marketing strategies, orchestrating email marketing and automation, steering B2B and B2C marketing campaigns, mastering SEO techniques, excelling in copywriting, and adeptly managing social network positioning.

Not when you're DGTal. Our extensive clientele and partnerships encompass both foreign enterprises and international corporations, with geographic boundaries holding no bearing on our collaborative endeavors.

While our core competence lies in DGTal, our commitment to furnishing clients with a comprehensive array of marketing services leads us to collaborate with specialized partners across various domains, including media, advertising, print, design, and more.

As our operational scope continues to expand, so does our requirement for proficient individuals well-versed in the realm of DGTal. If you possess a keen interest or substantial expertise in Performance Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO, Event Management, or related domains, we invite you to promptly reach out to us with a concise self-introduction.